Ushering in th Age of Agelasto for Richmond’s Fightin’ 5th.

Richmond City Council faces big changes come January with the infusion of new blood, including Parker Agelasto representing the 5th District. Agelasto comes with a background both in the arts and in business, and represents an intriguing new voice in the mix.

Consider yourself Sourced. This week, we talk with the upset winner in the 5th District Richmond City Council race, Parker Agelasto, who speaks frankly about a range of issues, including some significant land deals being orchestrated by city administration, including the Washington Redskins deal. Agelasto also comes clean on his hopes of adding an arts professional’s voice to the mix of voices on council.
And we talk with Virginia Capitol Foundation Executive Director Alice Lynch about ‘Keepers of the Flame’, the capitol’s very first tourist orientation video that was years in the making and that sports a production value that elevates it far beyond the typical visitor’s center video.

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